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Specialized Care for European & Japanese Imports

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Specialized Service For European Imports

European Service

European vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Porsche typically integrate more complex technologies not found in American or Japanese vehicles. At REDi Imports, we diagnose and repair these complex systems day in and day out. Below are some of the most common services we perform on European vehicles.

Timing Chain Service

Carbon Cleaning Service

Common Service Items

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Timing Chain Services

DSG Service

Oil and Coolant Leaks

Secondary Air Cleaning


Check Engine Light Diagnosis

PDK Service

Performance Upgrades

Carbon Cleaning

VAGCOM Diagnostics

Specialized Service For Japanese Imports

Japanese Service

Japanese imports make up a good percentage of the vehicles we service every day. Due to their overwhelming aftermarket support, performance upgrades are very common and we regularly install customer-supplied parts. In addition, typical repair and maintenance can be done at a fraction of the dealer’s cost.

Big Brake Kit

Aftermarket Wheels

Common Service Items

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Turbo Upgrades

Aftermarket Suspension

Timing Chain/Belt Service

Custom Alignments

Tire Mount, Balance, and Rotate

Brake Repair and Fluid

Exhaust Installation

Performance Upgrades

Clutch & Transmission Services

All Below And More!

Foreign Brands